The Jaguar is the largest Feline that lives in America, it has a very good night binocular vision and retractable nails on its legs, jaguars are used to eating birds, fish, deer, primates, peccaries and snakes, their beautiful fur is covered by beautiful rosettes that serve as camouflage when hunting.

They have a keen sense of sight as well as hearing and smell, they are very strong, intelligent and skillful animals since they can hunt large prey such as deer and tapirs.




The Jaguars do not attack people, in fact when there is a presence of human beings the Jaguars try to avoid us and hide, the fact that people continue to think that they are fierce and wild animals has caused them to be in serious danger of extinction.







Cubs they live with their mother until they are two years old, later they separate and live solitary all their lives, only other Jaguars frequent in mating season, their gestation lasts between 90 and 110 days. On average they give birth to 2 to 4 pups per litter.





If you know someone who is destroying the habitat, hurting or hunting the Jaguar, you can make your report by clicking on the following image::