The Jaguar (Panthera onca), is one of the most threatened species that inhabit Mexico and the American Continent, since, like all the big cats that inhabit the planet, it is being seriously affected by the destruction of its habitat that is the result of human activities, such as extensive ranching and agriculture.

This has caused the destruction of millions of hectares in the American continent and caused a serious conflict with human beings, since when their natural prey is scarce, the Jaguars have been forced to hunt livestock animals and, in turn, the ranchers kill them, likewise, poaching for their skins, teeth, bones, etc., has caused many specimens to be killed as well, since recently the interest in traditional Chinese medicine to obtain their bones has arisen .

All this has caused the Jaguar to be in Serious Danger of Extinction and its populations have been seriously reduced in recent years, causing a geographical isolation of its populations throughout the American continent, rapidly bringing this species closer to a critical ecological state. , and in turn to all the species of wild fauna that inhabit the humid forests of America.

Mexico, after Brazil, is the second country with the largest population of Jaguars in the world with an approximate population of 4500 specimens, of which most of these specimens can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula, due to this situation, The Lince Foundation has carried out the Jaguar Rescue Project since 2013, in order to protect this incredible species by developing various conservation and environmental education activities.

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