>> Never hunt wildlife animals, practice sport hunting, or buy wildlife skins of any type, dont buy medicinal products made from wildlife animals either.


>> Avoid having wild animals as pets and never buy any souvenirs that are made of parts of them like fangs, claws, bones, skins, etc

>> If you know of someone that is selling this products, please contact us to make a legal complaint.





Avoid buying furniture made with exotic woods such as cedar or mahogany, as the Jungles and Forests of Mexico and other countries in South America are being destroyed to obtain precious woods and in turn are destroying the natural habitat of many animals including the Jaguar, likewise denounces forest fires and tries not to make bonfires or extinguish them very well after making them.




When you go on a trip, try not to throw garbage, many times that garbage is taken by the rain and ends up in the rivers and lakes of our forests and jungles where many wild animals live and many times the animals die because of it because they ingest it or they get stuck in them, likewise many companies throw their waste in rivers and lakes, we have to denounce the companies or the people who do it to the authorities..






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