Status of Conservation:

Endangered Species



The Jaguars are persecuted by poachers, as they sell their skins to make various items such as fur coats, bags, key chains, etc. and unfortunately this is the main cause of their death.



The destruction of their habitat has been devastating for the past 50 years by Inmoderate logging, illegal logging and forest fires.
Likewise, many human activities such as extensive cattle ranching and agriculture have caused their habitat to be reduced little by little, to such a degree that it is very difficult for them to find prey to survive.



¿How Affects the Disapearence of the Jaguar?

The disappearance of such a large carnivore in the rain forests causes a disorder in the food chain that in turn forms on populations of herbivores such as deer and rabbits. The overpopulation of these animals in turn creates problems of soil erosion and desertification, these problems directly affect ecosystems and aquifers..


Aroximated Number of Jaguars in the Wild:


15,000 Jaguars



Aroximated Number of Jaguars in the Wild in México:


4,500 Jaguars




If you know someone who is destroying the habitat, hurting or hunting the Jaguar, you can make your report by clicking on the following image::